Operator Assisted Calls

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

In 1997 when Summit was founded most of our conference calls were operator assisted conference calls. Technology to allow customers to manage their own operator assisted conference callsconference or even set up a conference call with out assistance from an operator was not available. During the last almost two decades we have, hosted millions of conference calls, for thousands of customers, we have continually added automation technology, but for those special conferences requiring a personal touch, no amount of automation can replace operator assisted conference calls.

Summit’s operator assisted conference calls

These important calls are managed by professional experienced conference operators. They are there to assist conference leaders by greeting participants and placing them into the conference if required they can record the names, titles, phone numbers or any other information the customer requires.   Additionally, during the greeting process, an operator can request a credential to assure that only authorized participants are allowed to enter.

Once the call begins the operator can introduce the leader and explain the working details of the conference including how to “raise your hand to speak” and then manage the Q and A session or manage a polling event, if needed.

As operator assisted conference calls wind down the operator can assist the   moderator to end the questioning and bring the conference to a close. The operator then gathers the information for a post conference report and email the call detail to the leader with in a few hours.

Operator assisted conference calls are usually reserved for executive meetings including training seminars, shareholders meetings, earnings reporting, board meetings and any conference requiring a skilled operator to assist the leader with registration, information gathering and or security issues. The operator is there to also help with Q&A sessions, participant poling, etc.

Attendants greet guests, gather a participant list, transcribe the text, create a CD, and assist the moderators in any way required.

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