Non Profit Conference Calls

Non Profit Conference Calls

Summit Conference Service offers our excess capacity¬†for non-profit conference calls . Non-profit organizations benefit from a reduced¬†rate. It is the same quality conferencing as our commercial conferencing using the same equipment and non profit conference callssame networks. We have a few programs for non-profits that can provide discounts as much as 50% for our flat rate customers. This is possible because often non-profits use our services on weekends or evenings when the system is typically not in use. We can also predict the usage and will not use our excess capacity. However non-profit discounted conferencing is of course available 24×7.

How flat rate conferencing works

Non-profit conference calls can be flat rate. That is an account is assigned a number of lines to use anytime 24/7 the minimum is 10 and maximum is 100. Billing is based on the number of lines and billed at the beginning of the month. For example 10 lines is billed at $25 per month and 100 lines is billed at $95 per month. An organization may have as many accounts as they wish 10 lines, 25 lines, etc. Each account billed at the rate for the number of lines on a single invoice.

Pay per usage program for non-profit conference calls

This program for our non-profit customers include a straight pay per usage program, at a discounted per minute, per participant rate. You get a preassigned dial-in number and conference codes and may use the service any time you choose 24/7. We will keep track of the minutes and bill you at the end of the month.

Large conference calls

We count any call of 200 as a large conference call. Our large conference call service is very inexpensive, really better than free. The low price large conference calls are inexpensive for both commercial accounts and non-profit conference calls. Once they are set up we can provide large conference calls with up to 20,000 participants . The participants will be muted and a single or small group of speakers is possible.