conference calls

Large Conference Calls

We are equipped to handle large conference calls with a capacity of more than 20,000 participants on a single conference. Usually calls of this size include a private greeting and direct entry. A participant dials the conference number and large conference callsis greeted by a recorded message from the presenter briefly describing the nature of the call and asking them to wait on the line for the conference to begin.

The participant does not need to enter a conference code, but goes directly into a muted conference. No one can begin a conservation from the listen only mode.

Large conference calls usually have a leader with a private conference code. This secret code when entered begins the conference. Typically in large conference calls only the leader or a small group of leaders are allowed to speak.

The conference may be recorded and played back later on the telephone line, or downloaded on-line, or burned to a CD.  The system has an on-line console that allows the leader or administrator to manage very large conference calls from a dashboard on their desktop.  Features of the console include mute/unmute the conference or mute/unmute each individual participant. The administrator can also add or remove participants from the conference, view caller IDs, begin and end recording and manage playback.

Many large conference calls can be handled at one any time, but very large conference calls need to be scheduled outside of peak time. Off peak many more lines are available from the telephone company and maximum conference ports are free. Your sales or support rep can help with scheduling based on the size of of individual large conference calls.

To learn more about large conference calls

Contact your sales rep at 800-906-4290. You’ll need to know the size of the conference and the duration of the conference in minutes. Also, is the conference a one time event or recurring? We can help with a plan and guide you though the set up and execution details, of large conference calls.