conference calls

Welcome to Summit Conference Calls Service

We provide conference calls plus complete conference services. We have been providing conference calls and a robust set of on-line business communication tools since 1997. Our thousands of customers have been from a wide range of organizations. They include Fortune 500 companies, small and medium size businesses, non-profits, independent consulting firms and students.

We own and operate the latest, most advanced conferencing technology and ladypointscreenhave developed proprietary Web based applications for managing and viewing customer accounts and reporting. Complete call detail is available on line each day within a few hours of the completion of your conference. We offer completely automated conference calls or completely operator assisted conferences. We can even do customer designed calls that may require a little assistance in some area.

Reservationless Conference Calls

High quality, automated on-demand conference calls that are ready 24 hours everyday. The dial-in number and conference code never change and a second secret code is assigned to the moderator to assure authorized use only.

Recording and instant playback are included, optional roll call, participant count and security lock, moderator disconnect and music on hold, are all available without additional charge. To start using Summit’s reservationless on-demand conference services.

We provide everything needed to manage a successful conference call whether it is a group of many thousands or a simple 3 person team meeting.

Operator Assisted Conference Calls

For those special executive meetings or conference calls with customers or investors. We can provide an experienced professional operator to manage your conference. Operators can answer participants dial in , or arrange conference calls with operator dial out services. You also can arrange an operator managed Q and A service

Some conference calls need a recording recording with telephone playback, or internet download, or a CD option. The conference recording can also be transcribed with quick turn around.

Large Conference Calls

We are equipped to handle large conference calls with a capacity of more than 20,000 participants on a single conference. Many large conferences can be handled at any time, but very large conference calls need to be scheduled outside of peak time when maximum lines are available from the telephone company as well as maximum conferences ports are free.

Customer Support

Support is available from 8;30 am Eastern time to 8:30 pm Eastern time. There is never a charge for our customer support services. Call 800-906-4290.